22 Things That Look Absolutely Delicious Even Though They’d Kill You

Look, I’m not condoning the eating of Tide Pods, but you have to admit they look like something from Willy Wonka’s factory. They look absolutely delicious, even though they are absolutely poisonous. This phenomena occurs with several objects we come across in day to day life, and those of us who are Darwinian fit are able to enjoy it without actually eating them and dying. That being said, please do not eat any of the following items, no matter how yummy they look. I hate that I have to say that.

1. The inside of a golf ball.

I could eat a dozen of these sashimi balls.

2. Purple glue stick.

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The most underrated Push-Pop.

3. Insulation

You’re only a few hammer swings away from enjoying some delicious house meat.

4. Lava.

Fancy some forbidden fondue?

5. Aquarium gravel.

A much heartier Fruity Pebbles.

6. Packing peanuts.

A low-carb option for poisoning yourself.

7. Deodorant.

Refreshing and takes care of bad breath.

8. Reeds

Vegan corn dogs.

9. Cleaning solution.

Fabuloso indeed.

10. Ceiling.

Make it rain popcorn.