Woman Warns Against Buying Cheap Hairdryers After One Of Hers Turns Into A Flamethrower

Buying products from Amazon is always a bit of a gamble. Sure, there are some great, reasonably-priced items to be found, but there are also plenty of misleading descriptions and fake reviews. You have to be diligent when reading a product’s descriptions and ratings, otherwise you could wind up like the poor fool who accidentally purchased a Persian rug the size of a small notepad.

Of course, there are also certain health and safety risks that can come from ordering a subpar product. Case in point: the UK woman whose hairdryer recently caught fire, totally unexpectedly.

Last Monday, Erika Augthun Shoolbred shared several videos featuring an OraCorp hairdryer she purchased from Amazon for less than $30. While she probably wasn’t expecting a salon-level hair-drying experience, I doubt she anticipated that the product would begin spewing flames.

Judging from the smoking results, the OraCorp hairdryer was actually an aspiring blowtorch.