Bed Designed To Swallow You During An Earthquake Has People Weirded Out

If you happened to find yourself in bed during an earthquake, your instinct might be to hide under the bed — but what if you could actually hide in the bed?

An unusual bed concept has been garnering attention on Facebook, thanks to its unorthodox approach to keeping people safe during earthquakes. Unfortunately, not everyone is in love with the idea.

The bed prototype, originally designed by Dahir Insaat and shared on Facebook by HYGO, supposedly detects seismic shifts and converts itself into an earthquake shelter accordingly. In some cases, the bed engulfs the sleeper by dropping them into an interior protective chamber, while in other cases, metal slabs simply come down and encase the bed.

Earthquake-Proof Bed

Earthquake-Proof Bed, swallows you when an earthquake occurs.Designed by Dahir Insaat.Follow >>

Posted by HYGO on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Either way, the beds apparently come equipped with supplies such as food and water, to last until help arrives … although it’s unclear whether or not the sleeper has any control over unlocking the bed from the inside.

While the concept is certainly well-intentioned, many commenters pointed out that there is a myriad of potential issues with the design. Specifically: what if you just find yourself buried under rubble and trapped forever in a box, covered in your own excrement?

“To me I picture a horror movie in the making,” Max Ryan wrote in a comment. “Imagine an earthquake demolishing the building that you’re in. You do not die because you have one of these earthquake-proof beds. It seals you in after the first tremor, the steel lid slamming shut to shut you in. You have provisions of water and food inside. All you need to do is wait for help to come … Except help doesn’t come. “

Also, what if the bed can’t tell the difference between actual seismic shifts and, um … other movements?

“Having some wild kinky sex on the bed and it randomly swallows you both whole thinking it’s an earthquake and no one comes looking for you,” mused one commenter. “You soon run out of supplies and end up dying in a huge metal box after eating your partners remains.”

Also, what if you aren’t actually sleeping or laying down when the earthquake occurs??

“And if (you’re) just sitting in your bed it’s gonna cut your head off? Bruh,” another commented lamented.

On second thought, maybe we’re all better off just risking it with our own non-earthquake-proof beds? They may not protect you, but at least they won’t bury you alive and/or trigger your claustrophobia.