Cardi B’s New Music Video Is Perfect For Any Woman Who Has Ever Been Cheated On

Cardi B’s new album “Invasion of Privacy” has given us nothing but jam after jam.

It seems as though whatever song the Bronx-native touches turns to gold. Her latest single, “Be Careful,” has become a female-fan favorite. The song–which clearly seems to hint at some feelings towards her fiancé, Offset–is an ode to any woman who has ever been wronged or cheated on by their boyfriend/fiancé/husband.

The song talks about dreams of getting married and having a perfect life together but finding out that Cardi’s man was dogging her with another woman on the side. Not too long before the song and album was released, the media leaked videos of Offset cheating on Cardi with another woman. However, Cardi B–who is pregnant with their first child–decided to stay with her man. But, any artist knows that pain always turns into brilliant work–just like this song.

The music video, which dropped this week, is another work of art and will be a favorite by any female who is going through what Cardi went through. The rapper and singer can be seen in a wedding gown, ready to say her vows to her “future husband,” but–the video takes a dark turn when she returns to the church attending her husband’s funeral–harsh.

People on Twitter were already raving about the genius behind this music video.