26 Managers Share The Most Bulls**t Ways Employees Have Tried To Get Out Of Work

7. 1musicmomma:

I used to be a retail store manager, I had one of my most reliable employees call out one morning. When I asked her why, she said her boyfriend had been cheating & she had to get tested for STDs. I felt so bad, she was a really nice girl. She finally kicked him out after that.

6. usernamebrainfreeze:

One of my lifeguards couldn’t come to work because he couldn’t find his sunglasses. 

5. geeky_username:

He was really tired after a “5 day coke bender”, and wanted to go home

4. butt_embalmer:

To watch football

3. canoe212:

Anal glaucoma, just can’t see my ass coming in today.

2. JackPoe:

She walked to work, in uniform, up the stairs, and said she couldn’t come to work, she had a broken toe.

So she went home, changed, came back and had breakfast.

She came back to work the next day “it’s better now.”

1. theRogueMcGyver:

I kid you not, she called in and said, and I quote, “I wont be in today, I caught a pregnancy.”