Prom Couple’s Walk Home Ends In A Beautiful Moment That Will Warm Your Heart

Unfortunately, a lot of times in life, when we see something out of the ordinary we hold our breaths and expect the worst.
As sad as it is, there are some bad people in this world that ruin this whole “life” thing for the rest of us. When Twitter user @MikeDelMoro saw a bunch of intoxicated guys at a Bachelor party yelling at young teens coming home from the prom–he kind of thought it would end badly, seeing how people and alcohol sometimes end up in poor decisions and even worse outcomes. However, this story has nothing but a very happy, touching ending.

Michael Del Moro shared the story from Seaside Heights, New Jersey (home of the Jersey Shore) where not too long ago, a lot of people were homophobic and cruel.

Typically, guys are drunk with their friends acting some type of way.

Michael and his family were not into it.

But, they were worried when they saw a gay couple walking by dressed for the prom.

Clearly, they had every right to be worried–but, sometimes, society surprises us and does the right thing.

Clearly, this is a beautiful moment.

And, Michael thought it was a touching moment to share with everyone else on Twitter, especially those young LGBTQ community members who feel as though they are not accepted.

Another Twitter user found the boys photos, all dressed for prom. They are adorable. 

Just look at this coordination.


People on Twitter were incredibly moved by this story, happy to see people celebrating love, and thankful to Michael for sharing it.