Internet Users Actually Thought This 2007 Photo Of Britney Spears Was Emma Gonzalez Attacking A Truck

In the dumbest thing you may ever see in your entire life, we have the people of the Internet who will believe just about anything that is written/spoken about online. While some stories and photos are absolute truths, there are some that are convoluted, photoshopped, or misinterpreted by users online. Although everyone on the Internet cannot be “geniuses” to know what’s true and fake, there are some things that are so ridiculous, you can’t help but shake your damn head.

Recently, NRA-supporting, right-wing conservatives have begun attacking the teenagers from Parkland, Florida that have turned the mass shooting at their high school as the spark for change. After going through the harrowing reality of a school shooting and losing their friends and peers so young, they have become the target for bullying and outrage from conservatives everywhere. On March 24, 2018, the teens and others around the world organized the “March For Our Lives,” to protest and push for harsher gun control laws. While the marches around the world were a success and truly moving and inspirational, it only takes one or two people to ruin it for everyone.

Ring-wing Twitter users began sharing this photo online–claiming it was Parkland teen and activist Emma Gonzalez, “using an umbrella to strike a Second Amendment supporter’s truck.”

Anyone with two eyes and some common sense can automatically tell that’s not Emma Gonzalez, nor is that a “Second Amendment supporter’s truck.” Come on now, use your damn brain. That is Britney f*cking Spears, a la 2007 when she had a slight public breakdown.

That picture went viral on the web for years. How can anyone in their right mind think that this is Emma Gonzalez? What, because Britney was bald here and Emma is also bald…? Get yourself together, y’all. This is just blasphemy.

Haven’t you “Trump Supporters” head of “Fake News?” Seeing as it’s Donald’s favorite term to use in terms of the media, maybe you should reteach yourself what it means to spread lies. Not only is Emma Gonzalez a victim, she’s also a teenager. Why do adults feel the need to attack and belittle a teenager who is still trying to overcome a traumatic experience? I’ll never know.

But, y’all can cool it on the fake photos. Spreading lies to validate your opinion doesn’t make you look “right” or “strong,” it makes you look like a damn fool.