Baby Boomer Gets Roasted After Posting Ridiculous Rules For A Room She Was Renting Out

When looking for an Airbnb, an apartment to rent, or even a sublet–it’s sometimes hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

While apartments and homes may look nice in photos, the rules and regulations of the owner may not match up with what you want. For example, you may fall in love with an apartment–only realizing that they won’t allow dogs…hard pass.

Thanks to Facebook Marketplace, it’s become incredibly easy to see apartments/rooms for rent in your area, while browsing social media. One baby boomer, however, is being roasted online after she posted a room for rent on Facebook. While the home looks cute, the rules are outlandish and absurd–and, can only be posted by a baby boomer TBH. Special shout out to Kendra Geitner for sharing these hilarious photos.

Margolyn Cardell posted her room for rent in Egg Harbor. It cost only $75 a week, with a private bathroom. However, the rules of the house are a bit…excessive. There’s no smoking, no guests overnight, no kitchen privileges (or laundry during the week). No parties allowed, no drinking at all, and, no loud noises after 9 P.M.

Not only was the post ridiculous, Margolyn was pretty sassy when it came to answering comments. One Facebook user asked if she was allowed to have “some wine” in the room she was renting, but Margolyn said–if you don’t like the rules…buy a tent.

She also began insulting some Facebook users.

Jade, apparently Margolyn’s neighbor, was excited to have new people in the area. But, Margolyn shut it down saying they “didn’t need drunks in the area.”

When one person called it a “prison,” Margolyn said “prison is free and everyone gets the same pajamas,” and, the user decided prison sounded better than living in this home.

She then insinuated that people who drink “fall down a lot and lose their jobs.” So, they need tents and not homes.

Now I’m left wondering if anyone actually rented out this room.