10+ People Share Creepy Encounters That Changed Them Forever

7. Creepy

When I was about 9 or 10, my older brother and I had a few friends over to stay the night. My Dad had to work the next day so we were all left at the house by ourselves for the day. We were excited to play playstation all day on our Saturday off. Well my Dad worked late that night (until probably 8 or 9). As soon as the sun went down we went into one of the rooms upstairs to play Uno. Fast forward 30 minutes and we start hearing footsteps slowing walking up the wooden stairs. My dad wasn’t going to be home for another 2 hours so we didn’t know who it was. There were four of us, me, my brother, my friend, and his friend.

We would take turns walking out of the room to see what it was but before we could look down the dark stairs we would hear what sounded like someone running down the stairs as fast as they could so they couldn’t be seen. This continued for probably 2 hours ending with all of us huddled in the room upstairs with the door wedged shut with a chair until my Dad got home.

None of us were really believers in anything paranormal but a child’s imagination is a crazy thing. Now 15 years later, I still don’t know what to make of it but every one of us heard those footsteps walking up those dark stairs. I bring it up to my friend who I’m still friends with and he remembers it just as vividly as I do. It kind of creeps me out just thinking about it.

6. Stalked by car

It was 2001 and my friend and I were 17 (both female) and driving back from a late movie to my house one night. I lived in a pretty rural area in Maine, about 20 minutes from the nearest town.

As we were driving down the highway through the woods, we passed a median with a car sitting in it, facing in the oncoming direction, with all its lights off. Right after we drove past it, it flashed its lights, did a 3 point turn and started driving behind us. We giggled that “oh, it must be a gang initiation, we’re gonna get murdered!” because this was Maine and that was obviously not what was happening.

The turnoff for my road was a few miles away and this car stayed behind us the whole time. We made the left turn and the car kept going down the highway. Phew! But 30 seconds later we realized that the car must have backed up on the highway and made the turn after us. Now we were getting a little worried. There was still one more road to turn down before we got to my house (this is way in the woods) and the car did the same thing…backed up and made the left after us. Now we were legit freaked.

I had a long driveway and the car followed us right into the driveway and almost up to my house, which had all the lights on because my mom was home. We ran into my house, just in time to see the mystery car reverse back down the driveway and drive away.

To this day we still have no idea why that car was following us – if they thought we were someone else or if they actually had bad intentions and only changed their mind when they saw that my houselights were on. Since we only ever saw the front of the car, we didn’t get a license plate or a better description than “a blue car”.

5. Road rage

Once as a teenager, I was leaving a fast food drive-thru and someone in an old bronco started to follow me. At first I thought it was a road rage situation and did the “sorry” wave, and tried to let him pass but he swerved at me like he was trying to hit my car. He pulled up alongside of me and was screaming out the window, just incoherently furious, continuing to swerve at me.

This was before the days of cell phones and I was in an unfamiliar area of town. I was driving a Firebird and tried to outrun him, but he would run red lights and make crazy turns to keep up with me. I eventually ran into a dead end and he pulled his truck across the road to block it. There were big ditches on either side so I was stuck.

He got out and started scrambling at my door handle (doors locked) and pounding on the windows, his face inches from mine just screaming and screaming in a way that seemed like he couldn’t even quite see me. Shaking and crying, I turned on my overhead light so he could see I was just a teenage girl and not who he was looking for and he jumped on my hood and started pounding (and drooling in thick, white smears) on my windshield.

I was screaming and crying and he stopped, held up one finger like “wait a minute” and scurried off to his truck. I floored the gas and ran into the ditch and drove like a crazy person for 45 minutes until I knew I had lost him.

No idea what his deal was. My mom thought I made up this entire story to lie about the damage to my car, and still seems hesitant to believe me…

4. “My poor friend”

This happened to my friend. She was 15 at the time and lived with her parents. She woke up in the night feeling that someone was watching her. She had a big room in the main floor. She woke up and was just sure she wasn’t alone in the room. Heart pounding she turned on her night light, and there was a strange man sitting in a chair by the corner of the room, he was masturbating.

She screamed bloody murder and her dad wake up and ran to her room. A small fight ensued, cops was called. They where living close to a housing for immigrants, and one of the asylum seekers was really mentally ill. My poor friend went to years and years of therapy and is doing well today.

3. Arrested

When my wife was in college, she took a philosophy class or something. On the first day everyone announced who they were etc. turns out she was sitting next to a police officer who was taking the class for continuing education or a promotion (can’t remember, but he was actively a police officer). This was really great for her because she’s small and it was a night time class.

They became friends ish (as much as two people sitting next to each other for a few classes are) he agreed to walk her to her car after class since the school wasn’t in the best area and it made her feel safe.

Around mid terms he stops showing up. She’s kind of confused, but figured life happens and something else probably came up.

A few weeks later we’re at her parents house and her mom asks if we had heard about the police officer that had been arrested. We hadn’t so she begins to fill us in on this police officer that had been pulling women over and raping them in their cars.

We live in a small town, but it gets super rural super fast if you leave, so nobody is passing these scenes as they’re happening.

Anyway, turns out that the officer raping women was the same guy that was walking her to her car after class every week and the reason he wasn’t in class was because he had been arrested.

2. Weird Noises

When I was in college I lived in a decently safe apartment complex. You needed a gate clicker for your car, and the foot entrance required a code. All doors had a dead bolt, and extensive locks for the sliding patio door. Well when the complex went under new management, the foot path gate code stopped working so anyone could push it open.

In mid October a note was sent out to all residents stating that a new gate code would be issued in the following days and for everyone to keep their doors locked due to suspicious behavior. The following week another note was sent out describing a man that had been seen peering over balconies and through windows, but the gate code still hadn’t been fixed. On Halloween I distinctly remember locking my deadbolt after a night out because I friends staying over, and I usually locked my door anyway since I lived alone.

I woke up the next morning and my door was unlocked, I asked if anyone had went outside and they all said no. The following night I was by myself, and a little skeptical of my door so I made it a point to check my door before I went to sleep. Wake up next morning and the door is unlocked. I was a little freaked out so I scanned my apartment for anything missing, or a sign that someone had been in there. Nothing.

So by the third night I was damn sure I locked my door, and checked my sliding door locks as well. Around 5:30/6 am my cat started to get restless so I threw her in the living room until I was ready to wake up. She starts making some weird noises a few minutes later, so I go into the living room and hear a weird noise, like a thud or something, I look at my door and its fucking unlocked.

By this time I’m freaking out, called my apartment manager and got them to inspect my apartment to make sure there was no way for anyone to get in, and had my locks changed. Never happened again but I’m about 99% sure someone had been sneaking in to my apartment when I wasn’t home and watching me sleep. Maybe I was just being paranoid, but I know for a fact I had locked my door all three nights.

1. Camping

I was a chaperone for a Girl Scout camping trip when I was 16 (the kids were about 5-9 years old). I had a cabin with six kids I was in charge of at night, and helped out during the day.

Night one, one of my kids had a bit of a developmental issue. I wake up to her leaving the cabin. I chase after her thinking she is going to the latrine, but she’s sleepwalking. I’m out in the dark barefoot trying to coax this creepy kid back inside when I hear something big out in the woods. I grab the kid and she starts screaming like an infant and goes stiff. I carry her back inside, everyone in my cabin is awake, I don’t sleep the rest of the night.

Day two: Sleepwalker is moved to another cabin. That afternoon, when I’m walking the kids back from the latrine, sleepwalker and another kid sneak away from the group. I realize they are gone, get help, find kids fifteen minutes later. Back at camp, they start telling scary stories about their sneaking away, saying it was the “KittyCow” who lives in the woods.

Night two: Wake up and its gotten cold. Get up to close the windows and shutters and see a light in the woods, like someone has a lantern. It “walks” to a point in the woods, then stops. I stay still in the dark and watch it for a long while, about to shrug it off when the light moves again, coming around and going down the side of the cabin, closer, but not close enough to see who is carrying it. I realize its heading to the window by the kids bunk beds, sneak over and close the window and shutters. The light stays close on the other side of the shutters for a long time before moving on and disappearing.

Day three: Tell adults about light. They dismiss it as probably a ranger checking the campsite.

Kids by this time are totally freaking each other out over KittyCow. Literally starting to be afraid to leave the craft area in broad daylight because KittyCow might be there. There’s all sorts of weird KittyCow stories.

That afternoon, we find out a bear broke into another camp and ate food, so in addition to a real threat, we think that may be the origin of KittyCow. Plus, it would make sense that there would be rangers out looking, as there’s a bear on the loose.

Night Three: I stay up listening to music to see if the lights will come back. About 1 am, I see it coming by again, again walking to a point in the woods and waiting. Around 1:30, it starts closer to the cabin. As its walking around the side, I hear one of the other chaperones start to yell “hey, who is that? Who’s out there?” The light cuts off. I yell back to the chaperone that I saw it too, what should we do? I’m terrified at this point.

The chaperone tells me to bring my kids over to her, holding hands. We all cram in one cabin, and a bit later a thunderstorm starts. For another night I basically don’t sleep.

The next day everyone sort of laughs it off again, sort of saying we weren’t seeing anything, that maybe it was heat lightning or the kids were playing with flashlights and we saw them reflected. I’m so sleep deprived it hurts and I’m hearing popping noises.

I end up being paired with another chaperone and we go for a hike with the kids. It’s all foggy in the woods, and the kids are really strung out between the excitement the night before, which they blame on KittyCow. Out in the woods the kids start claiming they are seeing KittyCow everywhere, sneaking up on us.

I can’t tell you now how weird and terrifying things got then. You had this Silent Hill fog, all the girls are wearing matching ponchos, so the scene was surreal. The kids are freaking out over every tree, screaming KittyCow is coming to get them, and I’m barely held together on no sleep, convinced myself that some weirdo has been creeping around our camp.

Things literally devolve into mass hysteria, the kids are literally falling to the ground screaming and sobbing, and the other chaperone LEAVES. She just books it out of the forest back to camp while I am coaxing, pulling, and CARRYING screaming children out of the mist.

I got the kids almost back to camp when the other chaperones come rushing out. The chaperone who left claimed she saw a bear and ran for her life. I didn’t leave any kids behind.

I have never and will never experience anything as creepy and terrifying as that afternoon in the woods. While nothing happened, its haunted my dreams since then

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