Woman Makes A Gorgeous Prom Dress Out Of Trash Bags And We’re In Love

When it comes to prom, everything is expensive and pricey–down to the hair and makeup. The last thing anyone wants to do is splurge on a dress they’re probably going to wear once or twice.

One YouTuber proved that you can use literally anything in your house to make a gorgeous, original, and unique prom dress by creating one out of trash bags–yes, trash bangs. Imagine all of the times someone in high school called you trashy and you could show up wearing a gorgeous dress out of garbage bags–but slay?  Amber Scholl is here to help you out.

She posted the video and photos to YouTube and Twitter, and before she knew it, she went viral.


Clearly, this girl has talent. Twitter couldn’t stop obsessing over how incredible this dress turned out.

You can watch the full video here: