Girl Lands Her Dream Job At Spotify With The Most Creative Application We’ve Ever Seen

Applying to jobs can be a job within itself. Take it from someone who graduated college with a media studies/journalism degree–trying to land the “job of your dreams” takes a lot of time and effort.
But, sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of “thinking outside the box” to get your name in people’s minds and have them considering you for the job. One Twitter user shared her insanely creative way to get noticed by the folks at Spotify–and you should take some notes.

Jessica Bain heard that Spotify was looking to hire a Black History & Culture fellow–and thought she was perfect for the position. Instead of applying online like everyone else on a standard application, she got hella creative with her resume and cover letter by creating her own Spotify playlist. 



She created her own website–instead of a cover letter–explaining why she deserves this position with the music streaming company.

Black culture is making earth-shattering art out of the darkest parts of our history. It’s Alvin Ailey’s Revelations, interpreting the journey from slavery to freedom through dance, set to African-American spirituals and gospel music. It’s Michael and Janet Jackson performing Scream in the most expensive music video ever made, as a retaliation to public scrutiny and harassment.It’s the Queen Bey reimagining the 1991 film, Daughters of the Dust, to turn the lemons of being a Black woman in America into her sweet LEMONADE.

I can remember exactly how I felt when I first encountered moments like these in Black history because they’ve all informed my understanding of the world at large and on a micro level, my taste in music. Black history is happening now and it’s everything to me, which is why I’m applying to the Shows & Editorial, Black History & Culture Fellowship.

She also included her resume and past experiences in advocacy groups and activist movements–as well, talking about her passion for music and love for culture. You can see the entire “application” here. 

And, her creativity paid off immensely because…

People on Twitter were blown away by this marketing and creativity.

Word to the wise–a little bit of hard work and creativity goes a very long way.