Woman Live Tweets What It’s Like Sitting Behind Greta Gerwig At ‘I Feel Pretty’ — And It’s Epic

Greta Gerwig, the writer and longtime indie darling behind Ladybird, recently decided to go see Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty in theaters — and, judging from her loud comments during the film, she agrees with the many critics who’ve panned the movie.

Twitter user @hayejunt was apparently sitting in a theatre in New York, waiting to see the latest Amy Schumer movie, when Gerwig entered the theatre with some friends and sat in front of her.


Since the theatre was mostly empty, @hayejunt decided to keep her Twitter feed updated on Greta’s movie-viewing antics.

The priceless live tweeting continued throughout the I Feel Pretty experience.

Apparently, Greta Gerwig is one of those people who makes loud comments during remarkably bad movies.

Moral of the story: watching a bad movie with Greta Gerwig sounds vastly entertaining.

And, for all the sticklers out there, don’t worry: no sacred theatre rules were not broken.

And yes, it really happened.

Twitter was awestruck and appreciative.

And, most important, now we have a new collective goal: getting Greta Gerwig and Aidy Bryant to team up on a movie.