Woman Claps Back At Stranger Who Rudely Body Shamed Her On Social Media

When you share your life and moments of your life on social media, there’s a fair chance complete strangers will troll you and try and offer “unsolicited advice,” because–people think it’s their place to comment on just about everything we do.

Recently, Reddit user Sweet Honey Apples shared the story of how a stranger body shamed her on social media due to the photos she posts on her account. However, this Reddit user was ready to fire right back at the random lady who commented so rudely on her weight, that we can’t stop cheering.

It all started when a “busy mom” messaged a woman she’d been following on social media to compliment her–and then, insult her. First, by saying that some of the “selfies she posted are looking different than the others” and insinuating that she’s gained weight because of the “food pics she posts.”


In this situation–I, too, would have answered “wat.” The mother responded by saying: “it happens to the best of us,” trying to make light of a completely rude and unnecessary conversation between them.


But, this Reddit user was not going down without a fight. Instead of yelling at this rude woman, she shared a photo of her completely toned and fit body, asking the woman to “draw a circle of where she needs to lose weight.” She even offered to do it for a photo of the woman, as well. Classic.


That’s when the tone of this woman completely shifted from “know-it-all” to “angry.” The woman claimed she’s a “busy mom” and doesn’t “have time to live at the gym like this woman.” She also claimed she’ll be working with “real models.” Right. Sure.


People on Reddit had a few thoughts for this crass woman who put her two cents where no one had asked for it.

Next time you’re going to judge someone on social media (especially someone you don’t know)–you might want to think twice.