Will Ferrell Makes A Triumphant Return To SNL As George W. Bush—And It’s Glorious

Knowing that Will Ferrell was hosting SNL last night, combined with the show opening with a presidential seal meant that the one thing everybody was really hoping would happen on SNL happened on SNL: Will Ferrell brought back one of his silliest, most hilarious, an incendiary “characters” George Dubya Bush, the former president of the United States.

Hosts rarely occur in the show’s cold open, but they made an exception for Ferrell, one of the show’s greatest and most popular alumni. The gist of the sketch: Bush was speaking live to the world via Twitch from inside the “Oval Office,” which he’d guilt on his property. The reason for his speech was to address his poll numbers. They’re apparently higher than ever, and it would seem that since Donald Trump became president, people have a fondness and respect for Dubya, simply because he wasn’t as bad as Trump. Ferrell as Bush, however, is here to remind everyone that he was, in fact, a horrible president. (And that Dick Cheney was somehow worse than Mike Pence.)

Some other highlights: Bush can’t remember who is on Mount Rushmore, Leslie Jones as Condoleeza Rice, and Bush admitting to being “no economer,” and he took credit for inventing ISIS, what with the two wars he started.

Fans on Twitter were thrilled.