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SNL’s Leslie Jones’ Recent Twitter Posts Are No Laughing Matter–And People Love Them

Leslie Jones is best known for her career in comedy and being an actor and writer on Saturday Night Live. She also recently starred in the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters. Did you know she is also a fitness inspiration for a ton of people on Twitter? Her hard work in the gym and her ability to ever skip cardio will certainly make you want to get up off your couch and get moving. Getting to the gym can be really hard at times and it’s nice to see someone who focuses on her career in comedy also make some time to be healthy. If she can balance acting, writing, SNL, and whatever else comes her way and still make it to the gym for ‘leg day’.

Whether or not she feels well doesn’t stop her! Her determination is something definitely to admire. Now, I know tons of people go to the gym regularly and trust me I find that just as impressive. I just think it’s awesome that Leslie Jones is using her celebrity platform to promote a healthier lifestyle. She is also helping to remind everyone that things rarely come easy. Just because it rarely comes easy doesn’t mean it’s worth seeing through and people are loving it. Even Reebok is impressed.


If you follow her Twitter account you know how dedicated she is. She is constantly posting workout pictures with a bit of inspiration and it’s obviously resonating with a lot of people. It isn’t really hard to see why.

You go girl!

It’s easy to see why people are loving Leslie’s gym journey’s. You can hate all you want but this lady is changing peoples thinking and getting them off the couch. No matter how few of people or how many she impacts it’s the fact she’s inspiring anybody to better themselves should be applauded. For some people going to the gym can be a scary thing, they might view the uphill battle they may face as something insurmountable. We’re just happy Leslie is doing her thing! Not only does she have a hysterical sense of humor, she’s got a rockin’ body to go with it!