Wendy’s And MoonPie Are Flirting On Twitter, And They Should Probably Get A Damn Room

Brand Twitter is a weird, wild, and often surprisingly funny place. Let us #neverforget how Wendy’s relished (no pun intended) in roasting both Burger King and McDonald’s on Twitter, much to the public’s delight. Because if we can’t delight in giant corporations throwing shade at one another, how are we supposed to find happiness in this bleak world??

And now, I think Wendy’s and MoonPie have officially taken Brand Twitter into new (and bizarrely romantic) territory: the two brands engaged in a weird and delightful bout of flirting on Wednesday, for all of Twitter to see.

It all started when MoonPie tweeted at Wendy’s, trying to spit some game. MoonPie called Wendy’s “very pretty,” and Wendy’s responded by calling MoonPie a “snack.” (If you were unaware, a “snacc” is internet-speak for a hot piece of ass, so do with that information what you will.)

Pretty soon the two brands were shamelessly flirting back and forth, using corny puns to compliment one another.

The two brands were coquettishly talking about the possibility of “meating” in real life (good lord) when Wendy’s decided to kick it up a notch and start sending what I can only imagine are the fast food version of nudes: photos of a Wendy’s hamburger, made with MoonPie buns.

MoonPie was shook, but definitely not mad about it.

Wendy’s even flirtatiously offered a bite, which makes me feel like there should be a NSFW label on this convo.

MoonPie responded with a photo of a Wendy’s head … as a MoonPie?

At that point, Wendy’s was like “Um, let’s pump the breaks, maybe.”

Though the romantic exchange ended shortly thereafter, people speculated that MoonPie is sliding all up in Wendy’s DMS.

I mean, I’m rooting for these two crazy kids. I hope they can set aside their differences and make it work.