Wed Trans Couple Calls Out Tabloid For Their Offensive Headline

A wedding should be a celebration of love — not a celebration of sensationalist headlines.

Trans couple Hannah Winterbourne (a captain in the Army) and Jake Graf (an actor) were married recently in London, and their heartwarming union was covered by UK tabloid The Sun. However, The Sun‘s frontpage headline for the story was decidedly less respectful than the article. Over a photo of the happy couple, the paper splashed the words, “Jake Who Used To Be A Woman Weds Hannah Who Was A Man,” accompanied by the even larger headline: “Tran And Wife.”

Hannah and Jake both took to Twitter to express their happiness about the article — and their disappointment with the way in which their union was presented.

The Twitterverse was baffled by the disrespectful choice of words on The Sun‘s part — but everyone offered their heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple.

Perhaps we can all just imagine what the story might look like if it weren’t offensive and focused on a less sensationalist headline?

Fortunately, not even The Sun‘s poor choice of words could mar this couple’s beautiful day or happiness.

“There are not many more things that are feminine than a bride in a beautiful wedding dress,” Hannah says. “I never thought when I was young it could happen to me. It was a pipe dream. Until I met Jake, I never realised it was a goal I could achieve. It’s not sunk in yet.”