20+ Undeniable Truths You’ll Relate To If You Live With Your Significant Other

When you’re in a serious relationship and you’re ready to take the next step, it’s common that couples discuss moving in together. While you can talk about a lot of things before signing that first lease–there’s a lot of things you just can’t prepare yourself for.
Sure, you may discuss how you’ll split bills, groceries, chores, time on the computer/TV/in the bathroom, but nothing truly prepares you for the scary reality of living with your significant other until you actually live with them. 

If you’re someone who’s living with a significant other for the first time, you 150% feel me when I say…

You feel like you can never clean enough, no matter how many times you vacuum the kitchen or wash the bathroom floor–crumbs and hair are everywhere.

You have to hide some of your snacks to make sure that your partner doesn’t eat it all before you get a chance to.

When one of you are on a diet, it blows because it forces the other one to be mildly healthy.

There’s nothing better than staying in on a Friday night, ordering in food, and binge-watching a show on Netflix with your SO.

Closet space is sacred and you secretly wish you found an apartment with more closet space because it’s the first time you’ve ever had to “share” closet space.

You never get to sleep in if one of you has somewhere to be in the morning.

Discussing money feels wildly uncomfortable at first, but eventually becomes kind of normal/second nature when it comes to splitting bills and other things you need for the house.

That mind-blowing anger when you go to make a bowl of cereal and there’s no more milk, but someone forgot to mention it (or get more).

All of your weird habits, all of your gross tendencies, and all of your “before bed routines” are magnified and exposed.

Your differences in opinion about everything will be put on the spot–like how many pillows you like on the bed, how many blankets you need, the temperature of the apartment, etc.

You two argue about how you want to decorate the apartment because there’s a fine line between frat house/bro pad and a couple’s home.