Twitter’s Newest Meme About Saying Something Into A Microphone Is Just Absurdity At Its Finest

The best memes are the ones that point out our human frailties and foibles. The reason that viral jokes and images go viral in the first place is that they’re so instantly and universally relatable. For example, almost everybody knows a “Good Guy Greg” — a nice person who only looks like a jerk. And we’ve all got a picture of ourselves or our friends from our awkward teenage years that very closely resembles that one of the “Ermahgerd”-shouting, Goosebumps -loving young lady.

The latest and maybe greatest meme of familiarity hitting Twitter takes the form of a joke format: Mustering the courage to speak an unpopular opinion into a live, hot microphone. The speaker is invariably greeted by a wave of boos, and then the speaker’s original, controversial statement is confirmed and agreed with by an authority figure. It’s open-ended but has innate comic timing, so the “say into the mic” fad is exploding. After all, don’t we all just want to say the silly things that pop into our heads and for the world to tell us we’re not wrong?