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Twitter Users Share Updates About All The Animals Being Saved From The California Wildfires

For the past week, several wildfires in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas have made life in Southern California a sad and horrific nightmare. More than 800 homes and buildings have burned, many more have been threatened or remain in danger, and thousands have had to evacuate their homes as the blazes continue to rage. (One human casualty has been reported, too.) The Thomas Fire is particularly devastating, still tearing through Ventura County and leading to new evacuation orders on Sunday.

In addition to all the destruction of property, nature, and life, an overlooked casualty of natural disasters are animals. Wild animals don’t have anywhere to go when their homes are engulfed in flames, and domesticated ones get lost or trapped amidst the chaos of collapsing buildings and evacuation. Fortunately, there are a lot of heroes out there dedicated to getting our animal friends to safety. Those downright amazing individuals (and their rescue organizations) have taken to Twitter to provide good news about all the critters that have been whisked out of danger.

Here’s some important contact info for the San Diego Humane Society.