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Twitter User Stumbles Across Huge, Horrifying Santa Face–And We’re Running For Our Lives

There are so many different kinds of holiday decorations out there that there’s a little something for everyone. Do you like classic and simple? Then some white twinkle lights are your jam. Colorful and jolly more your speed? Then you probably go for a giant wreath and those huge multi-colored-bulb lights. An over-the-top Christmas fanatic who doesn’t care who knows it? Then you’re the kind of person with those giant inflatable snowmen and Grinches on your lawn…aren’t you?

But what if you want to spruce up the place for Christmas, but you also want to terrify your neighbors and haunt their dreams until the 12 days of Christmas mercifully subside? Then some kind of gigantic, angry Santa face statue is right up your chimney. Unlike the real Santa Claus, unfortunately, this is a thing that actually does exist. It was captured on film by a Brooklyn-based coder and designer named Michael Dolan.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

This far-from-holly-jolly Santa, this not-so-good St. Nick definitely sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake. Dolan’s snapshot has taken over Twitter, where jokesters are roasting this weird and spooky Santa face. After all, we must laugh at the things of which we are afraid so as to gain power over them.