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Turns Out Siri Has A Bit Of A Potty Mouth Thanks To An Uncovered Easter Egg


Someone needs to wash Siri’s mouth out with soap! Though Apple’s personal assistant loves to banter with her users, she usually keeps her barbs suitable for young ears. An Easter Egg has surfaced, however, which shows Siri’s darker side. If you ask for the definition of “mother” twice, the second definition falls a bit short of “appropriate.”

Twitter users were in stitches hearing such coarse language from Siri!

It’s definitely strange to hear…

The easter egg is the next in a long-line of NSFW secrets hidden in our cultural lexicon.

And for good reason!

Sadly, it seems Apple has removed the Easter Egg.

But the larger question remains, and Twitter needs to know the answer:

H/T – Twitter, Snopes, Melodie Jeng/Getty Images