This Thread About An Office Worker Tracking Down His Lunch Thief Has More Drama Than A ‘Real Housewives’ Marathon

Stealing from the office fridge is a huge faux pas that still manages to rear its ugly head on a regular basis — which is why one dude’s recent thread about his coworker pursuing justice for a stolen breakroom lunch is stirring up so much excitement on Twitter.

It all began when comedian and writer Zak Toscani’s coworker discovered that his lunch had been pilfered from the breakroom fridge. In an effort to catch the culprit, the coworker obtained permission to watch the security tape.

Zak decided to keep the Twittersphere updated on the Lunch Theif Saga. The basics: shrimp-fried rice, left in the fridge for thirty minutes, gone without a trace.

Zak’s coworker discovered that the culprit sat right next to them — and had conveniently left for the day.

Apparently, the food wasn’t even consumed — it was just THROWN. IN. THE. TRASH.

The coworker didn’t want HR to get involved, but an email warning was sent out about stealing other people’s food — and the coworker acted totally oblivious to her dastardly crime.

Zak decided to stir up the drama by ordering shrimp-fried rice for all his deskmates, including the culprit.

The thief had an excellent poker face, though.

It’s unclear how the rest of the story will pan out — but it’s clear that the entirety of Zak’s office will forever be changed by this debacle.

Twitter breathlessly followed the saga and couldn’t believe that the culprit wasn’t confronted about her horrible deeds.

However, Lin Manuel Miranda gave the story his seal of approval, cliff-hanger ending and all.

Let this be a cautionary tale to all: if you’re gonna put your food in a community fridge, you should be aware of the possibility that one of your coworkers/roommates might be a sociopath. So … eat responsibly.