College Student Had Bag With Two Years Of Notes Stolen — And The Internet Came Through Big Time

Even in the midst of our garbage dump news cycle, it’s nice to know that there’s still some lovely, bright spots of humanity in the world.

Recently, Anne-Marie Downes, a university student in Durham, England, took to Twitter with an unfortunate plight: her bag was stolen, and it contained all of her notes for her upcoming finals.

Anne-Marie asked her Twitter followers to keep an eye out for the stolen bag, in the hopes that the thief merely nabbed the electronics and left the notes elsewhere.

In a heartening display of support, Twitter rallied to help this stressed out college student with her finals.

Former students even offered up their own notes from past semesters, in the hope that they might prove useful.

Anne-Marie says that she was overwhelmed by the number of kind responses, and even joked about starting the hashtag #SaveAMsDegree.

By and large, humans can be pretty awful — but every now and then, some of them really come through and surprise you.