This Second Grader’s Letter About Why He Wishes Cell Phones Weren’t Invented Will Break Your Heart

It seems as though today kids know how to use and operate technology straight out of the womb.
With toys becoming more and more technologically advanced and tablets becoming the way to keep our kids distracted in public, it seems as though everyone is “in sync.” But, some parents are consumed with their phones and electronics more so than their kids–especially when they’re youngsters. Think about it–how often are you on your phone when you could be playing with your kids or when your kids are trying to play with you?

One second grader wrote a heartbreaking letter to his teacher on why he wishes cell phones weren’t invented and it’ll tear at your soul. Jen Adams Beason shared the letter on her Facebook page, saying that four of her 2nd graders wrote about the same topic. This particular student wrote that they believe cell phones can be bad habits and that their parents are constantly on their phones all day long. They even said they “hate their mom’s phone” and wished that she never had one.

Facebook: Jen Adams Beason

Seriously–this has to break your heart and make you stop and think: how often am I on my phone when my niece or nephew wants my attention? I’m not even a parent myself, and I feel guilty not giving them 100% of my time when I’m with them. I understand that parents need a break from their kids sometimes and going on your phone is a form of relaxation, no matter what you decide to do on the phone (social media, reading, texting, etc). But, maybe parents should use the time when their kids are napping/asleep/at school to use their phone, and pay attention to their kids while they’re present.

People online were devastated and sad to see that so many students felt this way.

Next time you’re on your phone when your kids are around–stop and think how it will affect them.