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‘Stranger Things’ Actor David Harbour Poses In Senior Photos With A Fan—And It’s Everything

After years of working semi-under-the-radar as a character actor in various movies and TV shows, David Harbour found fame in a huge way with his role as the gruff but kind sheriff/parental figure Chief Jim Hopper on Netflix’s smash retro-flavored hit Stranger Things. Despite also giving the world a batch of likable kid stars and a Winona Ryder comeback, Harbour has been the show’s true breakout success, earning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations along with the title role in the much-anticipated Hellboy reboot.

He’s also doing famous correctly. Harbour is clearly having a lot of fun being at the top of the heap, and he’s enjoying every step of the way. He celebrated his Golden Globe nomination by posing in a silly Christmas sweater, for example, and back in October, when a California high school student asked Harbour to pose with her for her senior photos, he said he’d do it…if certain conditions were met.

That was almost three months ago, though. But amazingly, Harbour came through.