Sesame Place Just Became The First Theme Park That Is Also A Certified Autism Center

Raising children with special needs can sometimes be a struggle. But, the more we normalize them in society, the more they can progress as a community.
There are many things that children with special needs want to enjoy in life just like anyone else. But, for so long, mainstream entertainment and amusement centers have neglected to include things for these kids. Now, Sesame Place–an amusement park based on the popular kid’s TV show “Sesame Street”–announced they’ve become the first amusement park that is also a Certified Autism Center.

The amusement park teamed up with the Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to ensure that the location in Langhorne, Pennsylvania is inclusive and safe for all children. This includes providing “quiet rooms with adjustable lighting for children with sensory processing issues.” As well, parkgoers can view the famous “Sesame Park Parade” from rooms with adjustable lighting and noise-canceling headphones.

The park is also training all staff members to focus on “sensory awareness, motor skills, autism overview, program development, social skills, communication, environment, and emotional awareness.”

The park will also offer sensory indicators for all rides in the park, so parents and children can understand each ride and how it will impact people with Autism.

Julia, a Sesame Street character with Autism, will also be added to the park and its characters.

Clearly, this is a big step for the Autism community and society overall. Hopefully, it encourages other parks and entertainment centers to follow in their footsteps. Sesame Place opens for the summer starting April 28th.