Sarah Paulson Is Actually A Master Of Impressions — And Her Dolphin Is Spot. On.

Sarah Paulson recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss Ocean’s 8, the Met Gala, and, of course, her famous impressions.

Paulson has showcased some of her impressions during previous Fallon appearances — including a Drew Barrymore impression, which she was worried would get her into trouble with the iconic actress.

However, Paulson apparently met Barrymore at Ellen Degeneres‘ 60th birthday party, and Drew was apparently totally cool with the impression and even complimented the spot-on impersonation. (Crisis averted!)

During her most recent appearance on Fallon, Paulson pulled out some of her other impressions to wow the audience, which included a truly stellar dolphin impression that must be heard to be believed.

After the impressions segment of the evening, Paulson went on to discuss the upcoming release of the Ocean’s 8 movie — in particular, Rihanna’s coolness, and how intimidating it can be to simply stand near her.

She also gave some tips on sneaking tequila around the Met Gala, which could come in very handy one day, if any of us plebes merit an invite.

Basically: Sarah Paulson sounds like an excellent person to party with, because she knows how to drink and she would probably do a dolphin impression for everyone.