Rihanna Sparks A New ‘Bathleisure’ Trend On Instagram—And We’re All About It

Rihanna has inspired a lot of trends, going braless, for example, or wearing brightly-colored furs, or rocking gigantic coats. None of them compare to her latest sartorial movement. While most people wrap their hair up in a towel before they get ready, get dressed, and hit the down to show off how fabulous they look, Rihanna can pull off the hair-in-towel look and call it a “look.” She did it on the December 2017 cover of Vogue Paris, and she looks fantastic.

It’s a fashion trend that, unlike most all other fashion trends, is quite accessible, by which we mean it’s affordable, by which we mean that all it takes is a towel. Trendsetter and trend watcher Leandra Medine, who founded the fashionable website Man Repeller, has taken the look and run with it, inspiring others both in real life and on Instagram to adopt the Rihanna-based headgear option we’re all going to go ahead and call “bathleisure.”