Richard Spencer’s Credit Card Was Declined And The Bar Owner Mocked Him On Facebook

You may remember Richard Spencer as the alt-right goon who gave a terrifying speech where he gave the ol’ one-armed salute and shouted “Hail Trump!”

Or you may remember him as the white nationalist scum who got slugged in the face.

Or you may remember him as key figure in orchestrating the hate-filled “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville.

Well, now you can remember him as the guy who got his credit card declined at a bar and then dunked on by the bar owner.


In a Facebook post, bar owner Doug Rommermeim posted the receipt on Facebook along with a hilarious message mercilessly mocking Spencer:

It reads,

Dear Mr. Spencer. Please refrain from visiting our establishment in the future. It makes everybody feel real scummy. We appreciate your understanding AND cooperation in this matter. Thank you. Also, you might want to tell your mommy to put some more money in your account. As you can see, your card was declined. Don’t worry about paying us back. We’ll just write it off as a bad loan to a good n*zi.

Spencer’s bar ban comes on the heels of fellow alt-right loser Milo Yiannopoulos getting chanted out of a bar in New York City where a judge ruled against another Trump supporter who sued after a bar owner threw him out. It’s almost like people really don’t like hate mongers!

Spencer appears to be living with his mother in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana. He was last seen on his YouTube channel begging for $25,000 to help fight a lawsuit against himself and other organizers of the “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville last year where activist Heather Heyer lost her life at the hands of another vicious alt-right scumbag.

In the video, which only has 38,000 views, Spencer claims the suit is an attempt to “take down the alt-right’s most prominent spokesman—that is me.” “I am under attack. Losing this case would be catastrophic for our movement, for everyone engaged in dissident politics, to be honest,” Spencer said.

Seems like his funds have dried up though, he can’t even find someone to buy him a beer.

Speaking of drinking, if you’re in Whitefish and looking for a hate-free place to drink the Great Northern Bar is selling Bulleit bourbon for $4.25 a pop!

h/t: Vice