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Quick-Thinking Woman’s Insane Story Of Giving Birth Is Almost Too Wild To Believe

For many parents these days the birth of their child is an intricately planned event, with baby showers, birth plans, and gender reveal parties, but for Tina Freeman giving birth was a vastly different experience.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Tina  shared her unbelievable story of an improvised delivery that started with not knowing she was pregnant and ended with a water birth that she learned how to do on Youtube. 

At this point Freeman began getting stomach cramps, but thought it was due to her in-flight meal. By the time she landed though she knew it wasn’t the salmon she ate.

With the hard part over and her new baby Xavier born, Tina took a moment and then learned how to properly cut the umbilical cord using a knife and some shoelaces she sterilized in a tea kettle. 

The next day Tina and her son went to the airport where everyone from doctors, the police, U.S. customs and the airline gave her a hand after hearing her incredible story. And for all the publicity Turkish airlines comped her whole trip.

Twitter was no less amazed by Freeman’s amazing story and coolness under pressure.

And everyone fawned over Xavier as they welcomed him into the world.

Tina and Xavier eventually made it back home where they were greeted by the press, all waiting to to talk to Tina.

And after everything that happened, Tina still had one surprise left.