Woman’s Photos Of A Children’s Library In Stockholm Take Internet By Storm

Growing up, some of us were fortunate enough to take a trip or two to our local library. While our parents may not have been able to afford a plethora of children’s books and young adult novels, the library was a way for them to inspire a love of reading and literature, while keeping the cost relatively inexpensive.

Unfortunately, not all children’s libraries were very “inviting” or enticing for us youngsters. For myself personally, my local library growing up was the complete opposite of welcoming. The infstructure was old, the librarians were rude, and the furniture was uncomfortable. Recently, author Sarah Perry shared incredible photos of a children’s library in Stockholm that would inspire almost any child to grab a book and read.


Obviously, Stockholm’s government prioritizes the arts and reading, allowing the youth to make it something they want and feel as though they need to do. Maybe if libraries were this welcoming, reading wouldn’t become a “chore” to teens, but a hobby.

Twitter users absolutely loved the idea of a children’s library that created such an incredible environment.

Other people began sharing other libraries that, too, inspire a love of the arts.