People Are Tweeting About How Damn Cold It Is—And We Agree With Them 100%

If you live anywhere in the Northeast, it’s a sad, dark, horrifying time for you right now. As a New York City native, I can personally tell you I don’t plan on leaving my apartment anytime soon. It is brick city out. Which means, to any non-New Yorkers, it’s freezing. Now, I’m sure you think that living in New York, I should be accustomed to the cold weather every winter. But, this year has been a bit different. For some strange reason (cough Global Warming cough DonaldTrumpYou’reAnIdiot cough), this past Fall/Winter has been incredibly warm. I’m talking 60 degrees in the middle of December warm. For some people in other parts of the country, that’s pretty normal. But, for New Yorkers and anyone up here in the Northeast, that’s unheard of. All of the sudden, our 60 degrees cracked down to single digit temperatures and before I knew it, I was standing outside shivering because I was clearly not layered up enough. Bottom line: it’s cold out y’all, and, we are not ready for it.

Twitter, of course, is taking it upon themselves to come up with some brilliant complaints and observations just to make it known – this weather is no joke.

People are using the hashtag #ItsSoCold to prove their points and they’re hilariously accurate.