Chelsea Clinton Just Gave Chrissy Teigen Important Online Troll Advice—And We Agree

Bestselling author, chef, and celeb mom Chrissy Teigen has never shied away from blasting trolls and haters on her social media. She’s able to do it with humor and grace, and it’s one of the many reasons we love her.

But even Teigen hadn’t come across the level of utter lunacy displayed by right-wing conspiracy theorists (ALEX JONES I’M LOOKING AT YOU), the types of people who have zero qualms about dragging infants into their own personal deranged storylines. Until last Saturday, anyway.

She took to Twitter to voice her concern and upset at photos tweeted by conservative writer and Pizzagate zealot Liz Conkin of Teigen’s 1-year-old daughter Luna— photos paired with a caption insinuating the infant is part of the Pizzagate “coverup.”

TL;DR— The debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory has accused many (non-conservative or totally insane) people of being involved with sex trafficking children, and using pizza shops around the country as cover physically and financially.

Despite the fact that this batshit and life-ruining “theory” has been proven completely false by multiple law enforcement organizations, there are still those out there who take time out of their New Year’s Eve weekends to propagate it. People like Liz Conkin.

Even typically mum John Legend had something to say:

Disturbed by the many responses to Conkin’s tweet supporting her theory (because any message that includes the hashtag #followthewhiterabbit sounds totally legit), Teigen decided to change topics on her Twitter feed.

And that’s when Chelsea Clinton came in.

Clinton is no stranger to conspiracy theories. She’s been dealing with them her entire adult life. But she’s drawn the line at people attacking her child, and said that whenever she receives any threatening messages or tweets directed at her daughter Charlotte, she reports them on Twitter.

Teigen responded by saying she feels silly even worrying about this one tweet in comparison to Chelsea Clinton’s decades of slander and abuse.

The non-crazies of Twitter banded in mutual love and support for these two moms.