Chrissy Teigen Just Roasted Bill O’Reilly After He Complained About ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live’

Chrissy Teigen is the undeniable queen of Twitter clapbacks. Yesterday Bill O’Reilly made the mistake of coming after Teigen’s husband John Legend for his performance in Jesus Christ Superstar Live. She made him regret it.

In honor of Easter, NBC aired its live version of Jesus Christ Superstar last night and it looks like fired Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly was watching. He doesn’t seem like a fan.

John Legend, R&B singer and husband to the fabulously funny Chrissy Teigen starred as the big J.C., himself.

Always on her Twitter A-game, Chrissy Teigen saw the tweet mocking her husband’s starring role as Jesus Christ and blasted O’Reilly to kingdom come:

OUCH. Teigen is referring to the $32 million in settlement money O’Reilly paid in a settlement to his former producer for allegedly sexually harassing her. Additionally, Fox’s parent company was forced to pay $13 million in settlements for similar accusations agains the host. O’Reilly was fired from the network following an advertiser boycott of his show after the settlement news broke.

Twitter was definitely here for the Clapback Queen’s latest burn:

But hubby John Legend definitely appreciated the support the most:

Before he got canned, criticism of black musicians was a popular theme on his Fox show The O’Reilly Factor. He called Common, the turtleneck-wearing black poet and rapper so controversial he appears in ads for GAP and Microsoft, a “gangsta rapper” (lol).

Now that he’s lost his platform at Fox, O’Reilly’s been forced to produce sad little videos from his home, ranting about advertiser boycotts.

Unfortunately, this is a new position for O’Reilly, who once led a Pepsi boycott for their ad campaign featuring Ludacris because he “disrespected women.”