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Man Uses Car’s Back Up Camera To Scare His Wife–And She’s Not Having Any Of It

In any healthy relationship, there’s nothing like pulling pranks on each other from time to time. As many of us know, some don’t go over with our significant others very well. While we get a good laugh at the joke, our partner’s don’t always love it. Case in point – this wife whose husband decided to pull the prank of the year using her car’s backup camera.

Bobby Wesson thought it would be hilarious to tape some pretty terrifying pictures to his wife’s backup camera, so when she would back up, she’d be horrified. Sounds like a pretty good prank, right? Wesson posted the photos on his Facebook page, writing:

My wife’s car has this neat little backup camera that shows what is behind you when you put it in reverse – and I had some tape and some pictures. Always check your surroundings for safety???

While Bobby was clearly amused by this prank, his wife, Rayena, wasn’t entirely thrilled. She sent him so pretty aggressive text messages in response. In all honesty, I’d probably have the same reaction if my boyfriend went out of his way to tape such scary pictures of clowns to my backup camera. I’m actually terrified of clowns, so no thank you.