Man Goes On Wild Twitter Rant About ‘Cheesecake Factory’–And It’s A Brutal One

If you live in America – or you’re a big fan of The Big Bang Theory – you’ve probably eaten at The Cheesecake Factory at least once in your life. And, if you haven’t eaten there before, I’ll be the first to tell you that their cheesecake is severely disappointing. The chain restaurant is that of “Applebees” and “TGI Fridays” – American bar food that tries to be a bit “fancy” – but, it’s not. The food is “eh” the service is “meh” and the decor is “bleh.” So, when one Twitter user decided to present a brutal takedown of the restaurant chain, I was ready and all ears. User @MaxKriegerVG shared his thoughts, insight, and opinions and seriously – while I agree on some points – I need to know why he’s so triggered. 

But wait, there’s more.

I’m floored. I’ve never seen such a precise and proper takedown of a capitalist establishment done so effortlessly and eloquently. People on Twitter were grateful and also impressed.

And if you need a little help making it even better, take this Twitter user’s advice.