A Girl Live Tweeted Her Little Sister’s First Time Running And The Internet Is Dying Laughing

Twitter user Sirena Salazar (@SalazarSirena) tweeted about her little sister going for a run for the first time and the internet related so hard the tweet went mega-viral.

First her sister took some time to stretch, because she knew that was very important before going for a run.

She really got into the stretching part.

She wasn’t quite as into the running part. As Sirena wrote, “She’s tired already and we just started.”

It didn’t improve from there, though. Just a short while later, her sister remarked that her heart was pounding and that she thought it might be “crying.” Ah, yes, the crying heart, one of the first symptoms of strenuous exercise.

She needed to recuperate after the run, and Sirena posted a picture of that, too.

People on the internet related HARD.

And one person posted a tweet about her own little sister going for a run, which resulted in her sister declaring, “Running is like a torture for me!”

Exercise is important, but clearly running is not for everybody. At least not initially. But keep at it! Soon your heart won’t be crying anymore, only whimpering.

This article was originally published on Someecards.