Kevin Hart’s SNL Monologue About Parenting Didn’t Go Over Too Well On Social Media

During Kevin Hart’s SNL monologue, for the most part, Kevin was pretty hilarious. He used most of his 6 minutes to joke about the reality of parenthood, and all seemed to be going fine until he decided to declare that fathers are solely responsible for a child’s fun. Sorry, moms. In the future, Hart should probably stick to his regular material because his take on gender roles was a swing and miss.

He tried to find humor in his own personal experiences and he didn’t do a terrible job, that is until he seems to truly believe dads responsibility is to be the fun one, mothers simply aren’t as fun. Let me remind you this is coming from a person who has now had his third child. Maybe it’s the way he was raised but he didn’t take into account the mothers who wouldn’t appreciate comments like these. The joke just seems to be a bit out of touch and tasteless; I don’t believe he intended on offending anyone he just got a bit carried away with his monologue. The bottom line is if you’re planning a comedy sketch maybe leave gender stereotypes out? Twitter seems to agree.

Not buying it!

Hart replied by saying that everyone needs to ‘lighten up’ and I understand he wasn’t trying to be malicious but this goes to show how he actually feels. Maybe that’s the bigger issue with gender stereotypes they’re subconsciously programmed into us. I mean I feel like I hear that he cheats on his wife every other month, I guess in his world dad has plenty of ‘fun’ time. Hopefully, his wife gets to enjoy some of her own personal ‘fun’ time, it’s obvious that Mr. Hart is.