Kevin Hart And The Rock Just Flung Insults At Each Other—And We Loved Every Moment Of It

Kevin Hart is probably the only person with enough guts to insult Dwayne ‘The MF Rock’ Johnson to his face. Maybe it’s because the two have worked together before, and it’s all in good fun after all. Maybe it’s because Kevin Hart is a comedian, and comedians get to say whatever they want as long as it’s funny. Or maybe it’s because of the irony; Hart is so tiny in stature next to The Rock, it’s not as though he’s any sort of physical threat.

In a recent video Hart and Dawyne Johnson go head-to-head on BBC Radio 1‘s “Playground Insults.” For five straight minutes the two take turns dissing each other, and they don’t even need time to ramp up.

“Alright, the gloves are coming off” says The Rock in response to Hart’s first insult which is “DJ got the same nose as Janet Jackson.” Note his tiny cup.

“You know how sometimes people get under your skin and you just hate them?” asks The Rock.

“Your head looks like a long breast, says Kevin.”You got a nipple head.”

The jokes proceeded to get mouth-related. “Dwayne Johnson’s breath smells like sh*t on the regular…nobody knows it. You wanna know where the eyebrow raise came from? It came from the reaction of people when he goes, ‘hello’ and everybody goes: 

“That’s what the rock is cooking, sh*tty breath.” The camera cuts to the presenters intermittently, who can’t help cracking up:

“Kevin is the spokesperson for Invisalign. His bottom row of teeth are having a meeting and they’re all unhappy right now.”

Watch the remainder of the video below. You won’t regret it: