Women Are Comparing Themselves To Kate Middleton After Giving Birth And It’s So, So Real

Miraculous Kate Middleton has escaped every childbirth with a fresh baby, a blowout, and the overall appearance of one who has just left an all-day spa retreat. Sure, she’s probably got a hair and makeup team on deck, and sure, it’s easy to smile when you know childcare will never be an issue— BUT STILL.

Glam team notwithstanding, the Duchess of Cambridge looks like a princess. (Because she is? I’m not sure actually, never been able to figure that one out.) She emits a glow from within most of us will never attain in front of the camera, let alone in front of 50 cameras several hours after giving birth.





So, just for shigs (sh*ts and gigs), new moms across the web have been sharing their own post-birth pictures. Because what is motherhood if not maintaining a sense of humor?

Expectation vs Reality ????

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This mom pointed out how pointless it is to shame Kate, considering she’s wading through all the same body garbage as every other new mother. She’s just hiding it better.

Kate Middleton…. and me after birth of third child ??? …. seriously though, she looked beaituful and I feel bad people making negative comments about how unreal is for her to have left in heels and a dress. Lets be honest though, we all know that under that lovely outfit is a nursing bra with pads to keep her from leaking through her clothes along with a flabby after birth belly tucked into some mesh underwear you also have the worlds largest pad thats covered in some witch hazel pads and ointment…. if your lucky you get a maxi pad that is also and Icepack to shove in your mesh undies as well. Its sort of like judging a book by its cover….. just like we are all the same on the inside… post birth moms are the same under whatever outfit you walk out in. #katemiddleton #royalbaby #thirdbaby #hospitalafterbirthpic #iwantabeautyteam #imstillhot #ijusthadababy #myshoesdidntmatch #meshunderwear #icepackpad #hemroidcream

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But if we’re really being honest, it just comes down to the fact that Kate Middleton is a really good looking, well-put together person.

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