A Grown Man Tried To Shame A New Mom For Breastfeeding In Public, Got Shamed So Hard You Almost Feel Bad For Him

It seems incredible that in a world fraught with starving children, homeless veterans, and an American president who provokes nuclear war on Twitter, there exist in the world those who choose to be offended by—of all things— motherhood.

Las Vegas based photographer Tanja Krstic Radusinovic was surprised by this too, when she was criticized by a middle aged man for breastfeeding at her local pool. Despite the fact that Radusinovic had her 9-month-old sun underneath a towel as she fed him, the 40-something told her she “shouldn’t be doing THAT here.”

Luckily, this dude had his badass mom with him, a lady who clearly takes no trash and has zero qualms shaming her middle-aged toddler in a public arena.

Wow, Kevin. Roasted and toasted by his own mom.

“Too many moms have been shamed for breastfeeding,” Radusinovic told Bored Panda. “It’s normal. I can’t believe that grown-up men – and women – would be offended by a baby eating.”

It’s true. I personally find grown men eating far more offensive than babies.


People were quick to applaud Kevin’s mom while deriding Kevin, who has seemingly spent 40+ years unaware of the fact that breasts have a utilitarian function.

Buy Kevin’s mom a pina colada next time you see her.

h/t BoredPanda|Tanja Krstic Radusinovic