James Blunt Just Trolled An Old Tweet From John Mayer In Epic Fashion

It’s sort of hard to believe that John Mayer and James Blunt are making any headlines together in a year that is not 2005, but, here we are! Paris Hilton is friends with Kim Kardashian again, Amanda Bynes may or may not be making a return to the acting world — the aughts are back, and God save us all!

If you follow John Mayer on Twitter, then you may recall one of his more memorable tweets from last October in which Mayer waxed poetic about what makes a person truly “beautiful.” (Spoiler alert: apparently, it’s being “loving.”)

It’s likely that you just set this tweet aside and forgot about it (I know I did), but musician James Blunt obviously didn’t. Blunt recently responded to Mayer’s tweet (six months late) with some pretty delightful shade.

GET IT? Because his most memorable hit was “You’re Beautiful”??

Obviously, people were in favor of Blunt serving up some burns for John Mayer, who honestly deserves to be made fun of on a regular basis.

Although some people couldn’t help but wonder … why was James Blunt digging up John Mayer’s old tweets from last year?

My personal theory? James Blunt spends his free time looking up the keyword “beautiful” on Twitter to see if anyone is talking about his song. It’s the only possible explanation.

Or, maybe he’s just spent the last six months working up the courage to write this tweet.