Man Tries To Mansplain ‘Indiana Jones’ Costumes To ‘Indiana Jones’ Costume Designer

Today in “cringiest things that will ever happen,” is a doozy.

It all started with a Jeopardy question about Raiders of The Lost Ark — the film that introduced the world to Indiana Jones. The question (or answer, such as it is on Jeopardy) was “Charlton Heston’s wardrobe in 1954’s Secret of the Incas inspired the clothes warn by this adventurous character 27 years later.”

The answer (or question? Jeopardy is weird) is of course “Who is Indiana Jones?”

That prompted a dude named Stanley to take issue with how the question was phrased. He was pushed back on by a woman named Deborah Landis who was — and this is obviously important to know — the literal COSTUME DESIGNER FOR INDIANA JONES. The whole interaction was posted by Landis’ son Max Landis.

Oh Stanley. You poor, sweet moron.

“Stanley, you have got to be kidding,” quickly became a rallying call for any woman who’s had her own job or area of expertise literally just explained back to them. It was pretty awesome:

Of course, some took issue with the idea that this was an example of mansplaining and stepped in to mansplain how mansplaining is actually a different thing and not this thing.

So many Stanleys, so little kidding.

The lesson here, is if you feel the urge to explain something to someone, go ahead and make sure they’re not literally the foremost expert in that subject first. Male of female, try to assess someones background before you start showing off how smart you are. You wouldn’t want to explain cosmology to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, right? You wouldn’t explain chili fries to Guy Fieri. So don’t try to explain where Indiana Jones’ costume came from to the woman who designed it.



Anyway, onto your Facebook comments about how this isn’t even actually mansplaining.