Guy Hilariously Trolled This Woman Who Tried To Catfish Him & He Takes Her For A Big Spin

All of us have been trolled at some point in our lives. Be it online or in real life; trolls are surrounding us everywhere.

Let me share a story of a Twitter user who goes by the name of @KrangTNelson. You must be wondering who he is? Well, he’s known for his amazing humour, and he likes to spend a lot of time on his Twitter account. A lot of people are following him because of his hilarious sense of humour, and since he has a lot of followers, he gets a lot of fake messages too. Like fake girls in search of true love.

However, @KrangTNelson decided to troll the trolls and share the results with people.

Let’s take a look at it!

Okay, so in this scenario, a lady tried to get a few dollars out of him after he tells her that he’s divorced.

He was being honest at least.

Does he work at a doughnut store? I would have gone for the doughnuts instead of money.

Damn, she’s pretty straightforward.

Well, it started out good, but that’s not the case here. But since Nelson figured out what it’s about, he decided to bring up his dog.

You know why? You will know in a bit.

See, she’s asking for it now.

She isn’t worth shit.

Jokes apart, that’s such an adorable dog!

Now he decided to troll another troll by being romantic.

But of course, that annoys the scammers.

Trust me; she isn’t sorry at all.

To be honest, he sounds so annoying! I mean, how can he ever get trolled!?

I’m glad she didn’t ask to buy her a private jet.

She just won’t back down.

Did you notice how these scammers try so hard not to get annoyed by the person they are trying to troll but little do they know that they are getting trolled themselves?

Oh well, it’s hilarious AF anyway.

I know right.

Nigerian prince? Sounds interesting.

Haha, that’s creative.

That’s true; money can get you everything.

But have you?

So, you see, that’s how you must troll trolls instead of getting annoyed by them. Have you ever pissed off a troller like that?

This article was originally published on RearFront.