This Grandpa Tried To Clean His Granddaughter’s Doll And The Result Will Haunt Your Dreams

Remember when you were younger and you were obsessed with one particular toy, doll or bear and you would bring that sh*t literally everywhere you went? I had a blanket that I wouldn’t leave the house without and I would drag that poor thing through mud, dirt – you name it – and, I’d cuddle in bed with it at night, dirty AF. But, my mom would do just about everything she could to sneak it out of my hands and wash that damn germ infested cloth. Sometimes, when you do try to clean your child’s toys and cherished goods, you f*ck them up. Like, I knew my mom cleaned it because it shrunk in the dryer (still pissed at you). One grandpa made the ultimate error when he tried to wash his granddaughter’s doll with white spirit and completely rubbed off her facial features. Twitter user @TashP351 shared the before and after photos that her father went through. He basically cleaned off the doll’s eyes, eyebrows, and lipstick (as well as her blush) and decided he would cut out eyes from a magazine and just…replace the originals. The outcome is something that will probably enter all of your nightmares.

Besides the fact that it looks like a Real Housewife of (insert town here) after she goes for her botox treatment – this sh*t is scary. Imagine giving this back to your child? She’s most definitely sleeping in your bed tonight, momma. Of course, Twitter had so much to say about this creepy, creepy mistake (brutal mistake) – like how it has to go.