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Football Player Announces He’s Going To Be A Dad–And Sports Fans Roasted Him

Sports fans are the most dedicated individuals in the world. When fans love a team, they really love a team. I mean, I’ve seen people camp outside of stadiums just to catch a glimpse of players before a game. I’ve also seen fans take off of work when their team loses a big game – because, you know, they’re “sick.” Either way, fans are loyal and down to ride to the very end (most of the time). Take it from me, a New York Mets fan, who painfully watches her team deteriorate year after year. It ain’t easy. Watching your team lose leaves an uncomfortable pit in your stomach. Just ask Atlanta Falcon fans – they know what I mean.

At the 2017 Superbowl, the Falcons took on the New England Patriots and at halftime, they were up by a significant amount of points. The Falcons were leading the Patriots 28-3. Anyone who watches football would say that’s pretty much a blowout. But, by some crazy miracle, the Patriots came back and defeated the Falcons 34-28. Now, if you’re a Falcons fan – you’re not letting this go. So much so that when Quarterback Matt Ryan announced on Twitter that he and his wife were expecting twins, fans were not congratulatory.

That’s adorable, right? A true fan would be happy for their team’s quarterback and want to celebrate the joys of becoming a father. Or, one would think that’s what true fans would do. It seems as though eight months after the Superbowl, fans still have a sour taste in their mouths when it comes to Matt Ryan.