Facebook Post About Woman At Airport Epitomizes The Race Problem In This Country

Emmit Eclass Walker is a music industry executive, which means he’s got a lot of money. He’s the kind of guy who can afford to take first class (a.k.a. “priority”) when he flies. He’s also an African-American man, which means some people can’t quite reconcile the fact that he’s both black and wealthy, because some people are racist.

Those people are also not afraid to let their racist flag fly, and they do so at their peril, because everybody has smartphones these days and if you do something racist in public, it’s going to go viral and you’re going to get shamed for it. LOL.

Anyway, Walker was preparing to board a flight in Washington, D.C. when this exchange with a white woman went down:

Her: excuse me i believe you may be in the wrong place you need to let us thru. This line is for priority boarding

Me: priority meaning first class correct?

Her: Yes…now excuse me they will call y’all after we board

Me: *shove first class priority boarding pass in her face* you can relax ma’am I’m in the right spot, been here longer, so you can board after me

Her: *still won’t let It go* he must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait

Me: nope to big to ever be in anybodies military. I’m just a nigga with money

Everybody waiting in line: starts to clap lmao

Also clapping: the Internet.

The fucking nerve. I will never understand why they think they have the right to even say that to someone. OMG. I’m glad you shut her talks. Bullshit walks. Wait your turn becky

her lil bad bleached roots bobble head ass…

It’s too early to curse, but this B#%^(

Her Ignorant Ass… If she don’t have severs seats wit ha Groupon Ass

Now that’s some bullshit. I like the way you handled that. She needs to get herself together including her hair and that nasty ass ignorant attitude.