30+ Experiences Only Ride Or Die Best Friends Go Through

We meet a lot of people throughout our lives. There are those we are close with when we’re young, there are those we don’t meet until we’re older–and, then, there are those we have throughout our entire lives.
Throughout it all, there are those special people that we love, cherish, and need in our lives above all others. They’re our very best friends–our rocks, saviors, and sometimes the biggest pains in our asses. There are only moments and things we go through with these losers.

34. When you get hurt, or your heart is broken, you both equally feel the pain.

33. You are on the same period cycle.

32. So, you PMS at the same time.

31. You share fitting rooms at stores together to try things on.

30. And, sometimes, public bathroom stalls.

29. Because you’ve 100% peed in front of each other more times than you can count.

28. You’ve seen each other naked.

27. You share clothes like you’re sisters.

26. But, also fight like sisters when the other doesn’t return your favorite shirt.

25. They’ve seen you at your worst.

24. And, always cheer for you when you’re doing your best.

23. They’ve held your hair back when you’ve puked from drinking too much.

22. Or, when you’re just sick.

21. They stand up for you whenever someone disrespects you.

20. Even if you’re not there.

19. They read over your long texts before you send it to your man.

18. They always tag you in the best memes.

17. If you don’t text each other right away in the A.M., you know something’s up.

16. You’ve popped each other’s back pimples.

15. Their family treats you like family and vice versa.

14. You know exactly where everything is in their house–like their good food.

13. Their parents have your number and don’t mind texting you for things.

12. You always post novels for each other’s birthdays on social media.

11. You have more pictures with them than anyone else.

10. And, you have tons of blackmail in case you need to unleash all hell.

9. But, you never really would do them dirty like that.

8. They have the same food cravings you do.

7. So, you always have someone to grab late night pizza with or sushi for lunch.

6. They also know your order in all your favorite restaurants.

5. And, how you like your coffee.

4. And, your alcohol.

3. You can hang out with them doing absolutely nothing and still have a great time.

2. You show up to places wearing the same outfit without even realizing.

1. No matter what, you know you’ll never be alone in life.