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Man Shares Painful Personal Story About Depression–And It’s Spreading Across The Internet

Twitter users began thanking Stone for being so candid and sharing his struggles with them, giving them a newfound hope through troubling times. Many who reached out to him struggle with depression themselves, and, knew exactly how he felt 8 years ago.

Stone also responded thanking everyone for giving him the love he sometimes needs, too.

He also told indy100:

I wasn’t going to share it. I was going to walk past the bench and ignore it. It’s a trick of the mind to stay silent; depression demands silence to do its best work, and I’m just as susceptible to that trick as everyone else. But my wife (Carolyn) decided to buy chips from the camper van opposite the bench (of all places). And while we were in the queue Obie (our son) ran around the actual bench. I think I just wanted to share something that expressed how amazing it is being a Dad, but by doing so I also stated that love and time overcome. And they do.

He also mentioned that he received hundreds of tweets and direct messages on Twitter from people claiming the simple tweet really helped them when they needed it most. It just goes to show you, sharing your own stories can help someone else through a hard time. Never be ashamed of what you go through in life, you never know who is struggling just the same.